What is City Light Customer Forum?
City Light Customer Forum is a customer engagement tool open to all City Light customers. With the Forum customers have the opportunity to weigh in on planning and customer issues through short online surveys. In addition to other forms of engagement – both online, like City Light Facebook and Twitter, and in person, like open houses and community meetings – City Light Customer Forum is another way for customers to provide input and stay informed about important energy issues.
What are the advantages of using an online platform for customer engagement?
The reason City Light uses an online platform is to make sure City can engage a broader spectrum of their customers in a cost-effective way. Once you join the City Light Customer Forum, you are able to respond to short surveys in your own time and from anywhere with internet access. In a time of decreasing budgets, City Light Customer Forum expands public involvement and public opinion research at a cost far less than traditional techniques.
Is my personal information safe?
City Light Customer Forum collects your key demographic information like age, gender, race, and income to see how representative City Light Customer Forum members are of the City Light service area. However, your identifying information (name and email address) is not associated with your answers to the periodic online surveys conducted by City Light, thereby keeping your opinions confidential. Please see the Privacy section for more detail.
How are City Light Customer Forum questions prepared?
Topics for City Light Customer Forum surveys are determined by City Light staff. Questions are developed and programmed online by PRR, an independent, non-partisan, research and communications firm in Seattle. 
How is City Light Customer Forum used?
City Light Customer Forum information is used much like input gathered from customers from other means (public meetings, focus groups, other surveys).  It is not a substitute for these other methods, nor is it the only information City Light uses in planning and policy-making.  City Light Customer Forum information serves as an additional “data point” for City Light to consider along with many other kinds of information.
What information is available and how is City Light Customer Forum reported?
Results to all City Light Customer Forum questions are available on the City Light website. City Light is committed to the complete transparency of City Light Customer Forum.
Is City Light Customer Forum representative of the community?
The City Light Customer Forum team is working diligently with the assistance of different community organizations to build a City Light Customer Forum panel that is representative of the population in the City Light service area.  You can help diversify and grow City Light Customer Forum membership by inviting people you know to join.
Can members skew results by participating in a survey multiple times?
Each City Light Customer Forum member has a unique survey access code. This allows them to participate in each City Light Customer Forum survey only one time.
How do you know members are providing valid information?
Like other forms of community engagement and opinion research, we count on people being honest.  When you ask questions over the telephone or in-person, people can provide false answers too, but we find this is not the common trend for public opinion research.
What about people without internet access or who have disability or language barriers?
City Light and PRR are working with community organizations to identify and address barriers.  The online surveys are what is known as “508 compliant” and are compatible for those with visual disabilities and who use specialized computer software. The online surveys are also optimized for use on smart phones so that those who only access the internet through their smart phone can participate. For those without internet access, paper versions of the surveys can be made available. At this time, all City Light Customer Forum information, membership application, and surveys are available in English and Spanish. We recognize that the City Light Customer Forum won’t be the best tool for everyone and are committed to continuing to provide engagement opportunities through other methods.
Can I opt out of the Customer Forum after joining?
You may “opt out” of the Customer Forum anytime. Click here to opt out.
How do I join?
If you are interested in becoming part of the City Light Customer Forum online panel, please click on the button below to go to the membership sign up form. Signing up takes just a few minutes. The sign up form will ask you some questions about you, but your identity is not associated with your answers to our online surveys.